• Ormus: The Secret Alchemy of Mary Magdalene – Revealed, Part A
Were the two backgroud pillars, as originally painted by DaVinci, trimmed of the Mona Lisa at a later date? Why would anyone want to do such thing?
I.N.R.I. – the basic states of matter. For the Druidic Initiates, Hebrew Kabalists and Egypto-Arabic Alchemists (and in other esoteric societies), I.N.R.I. might have looked a bit more like this:
I – Iammim ~ WATER
N – Nour ~ FIRE
R – Rouach ~ AIR
I – Iebeschach ~ EARTH
Alchemically speaking: Igne Nitrum Raris Invenitur. Which translates as: ”Fire is discovered in Nitrum.” Something that the Nabataean horse-masters would have understood. Crystals of NITRUM formed regularly in the eves of stables, especially in arid climates, as a result of the copious amounts of horse urine found therein. To the unenlightened, I.N.R.I. may have appeared as King of the Jews. But in Christ's own words... ”You have eyes but you don't see. You have ears but you don't hear.”
”Hearth wastes no time getting straight to the heart of the matter: a compelling introductory work to his new upcoming novel.”
”A MUST READ for anyone interested in the truth behind the persecutions of Mary Magdalene's family.”
”Was JUDAS a favorite disciple of Mary's? Was he framed by Saul of Tarsus?”
”Mary Magdalene's Secret Alchemy will enthrall, educate & elucidate.”
”If you love Mary Magdalene and everything she stands for, this is a must-read, must-own.”
”A masterpiece ... ”

Titel/Namn Ormus: The Secret Alchemy of Mary Magdalene - Revealed, Part A
Användnings- och produktstatus Antikvarisk
Skick Mycket gott
Språk Engelska
Författare William Hearth
ISBN-13 9780979373732
Bokförlag ORMUS Publications & Booksellers
Utgivningsår 2008
Bandtyp Häftad
Sidantal 304
Format, storlek, vikt och volym
Vikt 443 g

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Ormus: The Secret Alchemy of Mary Magdalene – Revealed, Part A

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